We believe that true performance can only be achieved by real transformation. Like personal trainers, we are cross-disciplined, give personalized and focused attention, go to the heart of the issues, and ensure the follow-through of improvement. Together with business owners, we improve their performance in corporate- and marketing strategy, organization, processes and culture. We call it transformance.

Our Approach


With our deep knowledge of strategy, marketing, organization and processes, we're able to identify and answer inefficiencies and issues that impact the whole company from an integrated, big picture perspective; bringing in our experience in logistics, engineering, construction, manufacturing and production.

Personalized & Focused Attention

Going to the heart of the issues matters to us, as well as giving honest and relevant recommendations. That's why we only work with a few clients at a time. This way, we can get to know your business in depth, understand you, and work together based on a trusted relationship.


We’re with you every step of the way, from conception to implementation. Together, we go beyond obstacles to ensure improvements are realized, and that your people and processes are off and running.

What keeps you up at night?

I need more clients


It’s ok to sell to everyone, but who are the clients you most love to work with? Does your marketing specifically address these ideal clients? Do you really know what they want and need from you? A net promotor score (NPS) survey gives you easy and fast insights about your clients and how they perceive you. Making current clients happier opens the door to deeper selling, more referrals, and ultimately, more clients.

I just want a trusted sparring partner


Whether it’s business or personal, we all benefit from thoughtful listening, sincere questions, and additional perspectives. Let us buy you a coffee, and discuss what's on your mind.

How can I serve my customers better?


Let your customers tell you! We can take a more in-depth look at their pains and needs. What do they really want from you? How do they perceive you? What do they most value about your company? What is it about you that keeps them up at night? Third-party stakeholder interviews and net promoter score surveys provide comprehensive information as to how loyal your customers are and what you need to do to keep them from the competition.

How can I get more transparency?


When its about transparency, its all about processes and communication. Documenting processes is one thing - but do you manage by processes? How good does your formal communication work? Are your meetings on time and to the point? Do you have the right people there? We can help you with all of this so you can gain transparency. 

How can I delegate more?


The answer can be found in different areas. Is your staff capable and trained to handle more responsibility and does your organizational structure support them? Did you organize your things lean enough that they can be delegated? And most important: Are you really willing to delegate and ready to let go of things? Let’s talk. We can help in all three areas.

What We Do

Corporate & Marketing Strategy

Build a robust strategy that pulls together all the details that matter, including your personal goals as an owner. Integrate customer needs, financials, organizational structure, and employees, to move consciously forward for the next two to five years.


Processes & Organization

Align your processes and organizational structure to your strategy. As these are the nervous system of your whole company, it makes your objectives tangible and real to your people and customers.


Empower your people to understand, commit to and live your strategy, processes and organizational structure. Give them the infrastructure, training, and atmosphere to thrive in their roles and positively impact customer experience.



Over the last thirteen years I worked for multinational to small and medium companies in Germany. It always was about improving performance with a cross-discipline approach. I realized it was the work with owners of small and medium companies that I enjoyed the most. I thrive on taking care of strategy, organization, processes and the people that drive every company. Within the last years, a lot of friendships came out of my business relationships. Living in Edmonton now and having the opportunity to combine my abilities with a strong marketing perspective is why we founded FORDEY | Business Transformance - to bring true performance into companies by real transformation.

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As a marketing professional, I've helped small and medium-sized businesses find their strengths and gaps in relationship with their customers. When these gaps are uncovered, it's often the case that clients realize that everything they do (or don't do!) impacts market perception. From business strategy and corporate development, to internal culture and coaching, they've told us they need a team who can help them improve on multiple fronts. Someone who understands the bigger picture, is invested in their long-term goals, and can help usher in the necessary changes throughout their company. This is why FORDEY was founded -  to help owners achieve true performance in their businesses through real transformation.

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Our roles

Corporate Developer

Access fresh perspectives, relevant knowledge and capabilities your company just doesn’t have right now. We are collaborative, not prescriptive, and we grow with you! Concepts and solutions are tailored to meet your company’s needs along the way.

Marketing Strategist

Create a clean and authentic marketing strategy by replacing guesswork with research. Together, we’ll clarify and communicate your place in the market, create remarkable customer experiences, and cultivate honest relationships, all informed by stakeholder and customer perceptions.

Interim Manager

Bring in someone who is able to plug into your management team and get things done. Close the gap in your existing team regarding marketing, business administration, and process management.

Company Coach

Real change begins with your people making your strategy and objectives their own. Where necessary, give them the personal support to find their ways into new roles and responsibilities.


Years of experience
Distance to farthest customer
Cups of coffee

What others say

Natasha worked with our management team on a corporate rebranding project. We really benefited from Natasha’s skill as a project manager and knowledgeable advisor. She quickly gained our team’s respect and became the glue that held all the pieces together. Marketing projects like this can be overwhelming especially when team member’s are neck deep in other pressing work. Natasha kept all of us and all the deliverables on track by gently and cheerfully nudging us to completion. When working with Natasha on a project you’ll find that she has a natural ability to bring calm to the chaos and things get done. I highly recommend Natasha to anyone looking for a skilled leader that can inspire, motivate, and herd your project team to a successful end.

Colin McCaffery President, Gambit Machining, Edmonton

With his extensive know how, creative ideas and clear commitment to defined objectives as a corporate developer over the last years, Markus contributed explicitly to GILOG gaining significant proficiency and productivity. His personality and ability to lead open and honest dialogs with people made us entrust him with the training, coaching and development of our management team and employees on all levels. Last but not least, I finally have the opportunity to address and solve strategic and personal topics in many discussions and conversations on eye-level.

Frank Oelschläger Owner, GILOG GmbH, Logistics Service Provider, Germany

Natasha is one of those people you can trust to find out what is really needed. She has the unique skill of being able to talk to people and dig deeper to find out what’s going on below the surface. Whenever I worked with Natasha, I knew it would go smoothly and that we would see success. She is superb at client relationship management and also great at leading teams with people of all different personalities and backgrounds.

Nicole Basaraba Senior Content Strategist & PhD Candidate, Trinity College Dublin

For many years, Markus supported me personally and contributed a lot to my company’s corporate and cultural development. With his positive, innovative thinking, constructive criticism, respect, empathy, and openness for everyone involved, he developed our leadership team in a way that everyone could find their role and bring their best. Well structured, he owned every project and made it his personal passion until it was off and running. Over this long time, Markus wasn´t just a consultant, manager and coach for us, he became a really good friend.

Marc Ternieden Owner, HTH Logistic Solutions, Logistics Service Provider, Germany

Natasha is a joy to work with. Her ability to work with tight deadlines and to translate ideas is truly exceptional. Her ideas are fresh and yet she is able to meet the client’s needs with a result that is polished, colourful and appealing.

Dawn Vickers Family & Community Support Services Coordinator, City of Lethbridge

I worked in multiple projects with Markus. In two companies I took over as his successor – pure luxury. Beyond that, I see Markus as my personal coach in all private and business regards. Short-term, superficial and top-down isn't part of his thinking and working. What I love most about him is his sense for people and their innermost, his experience and his way with clients and colleagues – always on eye-level.

Moritz Olf Corporate Development, GILOG GmbH, Logistics Service Provider, Germany

Natasha was coolly efficient in the midst of chaos, delivering the goods with aplomb. Energetic, professional, detail oriented and a great team player with a focus on customer service and satisfaction.

Loreen Lennon Communications Manager, Capital Region Board, Edmonton

Markus helped me to meet the requirements of my leadership role regarding communication, self-perception or critical faculties much better.  As a result of his coaching, I have developed my skills to see problems and situations from different angels and to rely on my individual compass in critical situations. This improved my work with my team and lead to a significant personal and professional development.

Astrid Wilken-Johannes Business Administration Management, GILOG GmbH, Logistics Service Provider, Germany